Frosted Petal
Thank you for all your work on our flowers!  We had lots of compliments, and
now most of my girls have them in a vase at home!  Thanks much.
I felt Debbie dealt with me in a professional manner, in fact, she caught an
oversight of a missed bout for the wedding party.  Debbie worked with me to
ensure that I had the flowers exactly when I wanted them.
The flowers were actually better than I had pictured them to be.  I started by
describing a general feeling of how I wanted them to be, followed by clarifying
the options that Debbie offered me, and ending with the flowers being
breathtakingly beautiful.
I was surprised the most because the flowers looked real, and everyone at the
wedding who actually touched them was noticeably surprised that they were
not fresh flowers because they looked so wonderful.

Debbie took my ideas, refined them, and created breathtakingly beautiful
flowers that helped to make my wedding day a total fairy tale.

I definitely got my moneys worth!  I would recommend Debbie to anyone that
would like to have custom-made flowers at a very affordable price.
My bouquet was beautiful!  The flowers looked so real.  There were so many
flowers in the bouquet and the ribbons added an extra special touch!  It was
put together so well, I don't think it will ever come apart.  I will have it forever!

One thing I didn't think of was the handle.  Debbie made it comfortable and
beautiful.  Debbie listened to what I wanted and made some great
suggestions.  Overall working with Debbie was a wonderful experience.
We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the fantastic job you did
on our flowers.  Everything looked great!  It was very sweet of you to give us
such a nice card, thank you very much.  We will be sure to refer anyone we
know getting married!
~Joe & Becky
I was excited to get real-looking flowers without having to preserve them. It's
kind of weird...but I liked how even the stems looked real!  I'd really like to
help you show off your GREAT job on my flowers!  Thanks for putting so
much time into my bouquet!  It looks great sitting in our bedroom.
~Heather F.
They look amazing!! I had no doubts you do such a great job.  Thanks for
everything...they are all beautiful :)
never had to worry about the flowers.

I think they were better than what I had originally pictured.  Not only do they
look real, but they're really durable.  I had to keep them in my parents' closet
with very limited space for a little short of a month before the wedding.  They
never got wrecked or appeared squished or anything.

My experience was wonderful.  I did so much "do it yourself" stuff for my
wedding, that I was really bogged down.  I knew I wanted blue rose buds and
had no idea that finding them would be so difficult.  While I don't regret doing
a lot of the wedding stuff myself, I was glad I had found Debbie.  The flowers
were wonderful!
Thank you for all of your hard work, the wedding flowers were better than I
pictured!  I was surprised at how perfect they fit with everything.  Debbie
makes exactly what YOU want.  I definitely got my money's worth and I would
recommend her to others.  Thanks for everything.  The flowers were
gorgeous...You are definitely working in the right field!
Thank you for being a part of my special day, and making the beautiful
flowers for all of us...they looked and felt like "real" flowers!
Debbie was very pleasant and friendly on all accounts.  Very courteous and
my Mother and I felt very welcome.

I received my flowers six weeks prior to the wedding, and it was great not
having to worry about flowers at the last minute.    My wedding flowers look
even better in person than they did in the pictures that were sent to me via
email.  My family thought the flowers were real in person and were surprised
at how beautiful they looked.  I was surprised how beautifully made and
realistic they looked.

I was expecting picking out my wedding flowers to be a tedious and a long
experience, but it was so easy and calming I never had to worry about
anything!  I would definitely  recommend Finishing Touch to others, to any
brides-to-be, or others who are looking for beautiful floral arrangements for
their home or other occasion.  

"I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on the flowers!  I
showed my family yesterday and they thought the flowers were real and
looked very expensive.  My sister even said that the flowers look better in
person than they did in the pictures.  I have them sitting on my kitchen table
and am so excited now for the wedding.  It was a wonderful experience
working with you.  Thank you again!  :)"
My wedding flowers were even better than I had imagined!  I was surprised at
how light they were - a definite plus!  If I could put this experience into one
sentence, I would say that I felt heard and understood.

"Thank you so much, Debbie.  I am so
very pleased with how the flowers
turned out."
What people are saying about us!
Debbie does a top notch job, with high quality to go with it.  The flowers are so
life like that people
will try and smell them!  And the best part is that I  have
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